MFP always in 4/4 mode

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Hello, I noticed that even if I change the time signature in the rackspace properties, a native 12/8 or 3/4… midifile always appears in 4/4 in the midifile player. How can I solve thid problem please ?

Did you load a midi file?
The time signature is determined by the actual selected midi file.

Yes Paul, a native 12/8 or 3/4…appears in 4/4 time signature

OK - I’m a little confused — rackspace properties has nothing to do with the time signature you see in a MIDI File Player plugin. So are you loading a MIDI file with a different time signature and still seeing 4/4 in the MIDI File player?

That’s what he explained, yes:

It wasn’t obvious - he referred to rackspace properties

Did you actually start playing the midi file? If so, did the time signature change in the MIDI File player?

Yep, if I remember correctly (when I tested this), you need to click on the Play button and the time signature will change accordingly.

Correct…it doesn’t know the time signature until you start playing

I suppose he thought that as the displayed time signature corresponded to the rackspace one, that’s where he should have to change it. Perhaps that the MFP time signature should be “unknown” until play is pressed?

Well, technically, until a time signature event is actually seen, the default time signature is assumed to be 4/4 and the default tempo is 120 bpm

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Hello, sorry, you are all right. the midifile is ok at 12/8 but in fact the bar mesures are half than the normal. ( ex : at meas 3 instead of meas 6 ) I tried with different Daw’s and it’s ok, but in GP it’s with half the number of measure… ( the .txt file is in fact a .mid file)
les filles.txt (88.3 KB)

girl.rackspace (117.5 KB)

When I load your Midi File and press play, this is shown

yes, it’s shown.

So what is the issue?

the number bar mesures are half than the normal. ( ex : meas 3 instead of meas 6… ) I tried with different Daw’s and the count is ok, but in GP it’s with half the number of measure…

I do not understand,
12/8 is correct?
And when I press play it runs from 1/1 … 1/12
then 2/1 … 2/12 and so on.

yes, as I wrote you 12/8 is correct ( sorry for the mistake ) but If you could take a moment to compare, the count between a daw and GP is not the same. ex : When the Daw or my score are at measure 10, the midifile player of GP is at meas 5.

OK, so you say GP is playing at double speed?

He’s right: Set the metronome to 189.8 at 12/8 (the same as the midi file) and press play and listen while watching the Bars/beats in the MIDI File Player. The metronome cycles through 1 bar of 12/8 while the MIDI file only gets through 6 beats.