Metronome volume step controlled by widget?

First time poster ! I’m looking at the incrementer-decrimenter scripts and or the note incrementer and chord mapper examples for insight . Generally just want to control metronome volume in a step manner , up to a certain point and then ping pong, define the range , I find using a knob cumbersome and it’s not as accurate as stepping on a momentary switch that can get the volume just right , playing guitar here ; defined range of say 4 to 13 along those lines. how to wire it into system actions plugin as well ? there’s a midi but no midi in ?
I want to step on a momentary switch sending CC into midi in block and have the metronome volume increase or decrease (set range with ping pong ) by 1 each step .
Thanks in advance for any and all insight !

Hi @bobco631, welcome to the family

If I understand you requirement right,
you do not want a knob to turn up/down the metronome volume, but a button to step it up and another button to step it down?

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Hi Paul ! Indeed that would work wouldn’t it ? and define a certain range, I only need it to go so high and so low , it’s a small usable range , stepping by increments of one also ! Thank you !

Try this gig:
Metro.gig (47.8 KB)

And this is the script used:

   METRO : Widget
   DOWN : Widget
   UP : Widget

// Called when a single widget value has changed
On WidgetValueChanged(newValue : double) from UP
 if newValue == 1.0 then

// Called when a single widget value has changed
On WidgetValueChanged(newValue : double) from DOWN
 if newValue == 1.0 then

And with this setting you can define the lower and upper level of the Metronome


Wonderful ! Can’t wait to try this out at home ! Thank you so much , brilliant !

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I inserted a 0 making it +0.01 and inversley -0.01 so it would move it steps of one instead of 10 ! Win !
works like a charm now ! Thanks again !
Oops edit , that scenario changed once I set the lower and upper level ! back to 0.1 , don’t fix it if it isn’t broke lol !