Merging Rackspaces


I’m almost sure it’s already on “the list” but in the German musiker-board Forum a new GP user recently asked for a way to merge two Rackspaces. He created two different sounds but now decided instead of switching Rackspaces he wants to be able to play them at the same time with two keyboards. I don’t know any way to do this (apart from copying XML structures and take care of unique IDs) as we can’t select blocks and copy/insert them into another Rackspace yet. Which is the way better way than a merge function…

But maybe there is a workaround I haven’t thought of…?


Until we implement this - there is some work involved.
You’d have to go through each block in a rackspace and save it’s state to a file using our menu when you open the plugin.
The panels can be copy/pasted so that would help, but the blocks must be inserted manually and then states loaded from those files. Finally - widgets must be reconnected to the plugin parameters.

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