Media Player

Hi i’m experimenting with media player in GP2 :wink:
Now i can trigger an audio file pressing a pedal in my rig and that is cool for backtracks and clicks but i have two question

  • Inserting media player in rack design window for the first time it’s very slow to load and init. Is it normal?
  • Is possible to set a start point in media player or moving directly to a specific point (minutes-seconds)? I’m using media player also for studying keyboard parts of songs… i’d be cool doing it without restart fron song start every time


Hi Andrea, yes that is possible:

Try out PLayhead position, Marker Position and Set Marker Now.
This parameters can be assigned to widgets.

Use Set Marker Position to the set the point where the audio player should play from.
The use Play from Marker.

Play position you can use to show the current position.

When you use Play position assigned to a widget you can scroll along the time line

=> all is possible :wink:

I just got this to work with a Set Marker Now button - The position Slider - and a Play From Marker button - all 3 set to “IGNORE VARIATIONS”
Has the Load template feature always reloaded everything except the plugin? Very helpful. Of course everyone wants them to load the plugins as well…but still - well done!