MDrummer playhead host automation

I sometimes use MDrummer when playing alone, but up to now always with the plugin window open. Now I would like to be able to start/stop the MDrummer playhead for the rythm to start/stop using a GP widget. When stopping the GP playhead it stops MDrummer, but I could’nt find a way to start it.

Did I miss something?

Don’t know now in detail how I did it. But here is my gigfile, reduced to the essentials. (see Global Rackspace). Maybe this helps.

MDrummer.gig (257.8 KB)


Lower =
If stopped, then it immediately starts with the current variation
If it runs, then he plays a fill and goes back “one” variation (=level)

Higher =
If stopped, then immediately starts with the current variation
If it runs, then he plays a fill and goes “one” variation (=level) up.

If stopped, then he plays an intro to the current variation
If it’s running, it stops immediately, or plays an ending if you keep the button pressed for a long time.

Here you can control all possible variations


I assume you are using the rhythm loop editor. Otherwise discard this from your human memory :grinning:.

For MDrummer to start playing loops, you need to send a midi-note-on on channel 0 thru 9, if I remember correct. C-1 for instance is associated with the most-left beat on the keyboard shown on de rhythm tab.

When you also activate the playhead, MDrummer will use the bpm as indicated by Gigperformer.

I take it @LeeHarvey has put this is his gig.

In the rhythm editor there is also a button ‘Additional’ which contains a button ‘Advanced’. ‘Perfect sync’ and ‘Sequencer mode’ can heavily influence the way MDrummer reacts to sending a new midi note-on for selecting another loop. When you send a note-on message to select another loop, you should do this before the current bar ends. MDrummer will complete the current bar first and then start the newly selected loop

Excuse me if I tell you everything you already knew.