Master and Aux Rackspaces...?

Not suggesting that GP move toward the “Channel Strip” paradigm…but how about a Master Rackspace, along with Aux Rackspaces?

  • The Master Rackspace might be considered “part of” or “patched directly to” the audio out. Global effects can be patched to the Master Rackspace.
  • Aux Rackspaces would be similar to bus inserts, which could be wired back as a Return or patched to one or more audio outs (e.g., 3 & 4 [while the Master Rackspace ->> 1 & 2).

The idea is to avoid having to load the same effects plugins in pretty much every Rackspace. Currently, the only workaround appears to be to open one or more additional instances of GP, each with Loopback.

Is this concept feasible…perhaps there’s a more efficient way…?

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Already on our list for some point in the future

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Gr_8_! Thanks, David & Nebojsa. :smile:

I’d like to add my vote to this feature request. My use case would be for something like a looping plug-in. I’d like to use various sounds (in multiple rack spaces) with a looping plugin. The problem is the looper can only be in a particular rackspace and once you change to a different rackspace you no longer have the looper. The same applies to the audio/clip player widget. I’m currently using a hardware looper connected between my audio output and my monitors, but it would be cool to use all software. Thanks.

you could use a 2nd instance of gig performer

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I’ve run into the same issues with looping through GP in the past.
The ideal situation, if using a looping plugin, would be a global rackspace, and that’s been discussed before. In lieu of that, you can do as @pianopaul noted and that is to open a 2nd instance of Gig Performer to operate as that ‘Global’ rackspace. Doing that requires the ability to use multi-client ASIO, either with a compatible interface, or using a separate ASIO wrapper app to achieve that end.

I run two instances of GP, one with instrument selections, and one with vocals. My audio interface doesn’t support multi-client ASIO, so I use a multi-client ASIO app, which feed the signals from both instances of GP to my looping app, which is a host, not a plugin. This is the most stable and comprehensive my looping setup has been, but as you can see it requires quite a lot of individual components to achieve.

A global rackspace would remove the need for one of the instances of GP, and certainly for those who are looking to use a looping plugin, it would also remove the need for a multi-client ASIO solution. Definitely high on my list.

I had the same thought. Just started using GP about 3 weeks ago and I agree, it is the one thing I was missing. Actually I thought it must be there and I can’t find it so I kept looking.

Having an aux rack that stays while I switch other racks is how I would ideally work. I could have a master reverb that I adjust to the venue, or a master panning width or a master EQ … before the outs and after the patches, to have an overall adjustment for all patches of a gig.