Massive X released

The new Massive X from Native Instruments is released.

Downloaded, installed and tested on Windows yesterday. Unfortunately, the first time I launched GP after the install, and then added Massive X to a rackspace, I opened it, then closed it to add a mixer and some routing to the rackspace and got a BSOD… VERY rare for me these days (like only twice in the last year). After I rebooted, everything seemed to work fine and Massive X should be renamed Massive BEAST! Hoping it was just an anomaly yesterday.

Sigh…every now and then someone tells us that here’s no longer any need for a reboot on Windows after installing Gig Performer (or any product for that matter) because Windows doesn’t need rebooting any more.

I stand by my position. Any time anything is installed on Windows, it seems safer to reboot it and as far as I can tell, Windows 10 (which is just Windows 7 (which is just Windows 2000 (which is just Windows NT with a few extra bits) with a few extra bits) with a few extra bits) with a few extra bits)…you get the point


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To be clear, I’m not faulting (pun intended) GP for this or I would have expected it to happen again after the reboot. The interesting part was I installed all of the other updates from Komplete 12 just 2 days earlier without this issue.

I know you weren’t. I was just making a general observation about Windows and installation issues.

Interesting. I never did a reboot after installing GP and everything was always fine. No matter with plugins I used. Windows 7 here. Do you have an idea or ever explored what exactly sometimes makes problems? Is it related to the audio drivers (ASIO not being released properly) so it depends on the audio interface / soundcard? Or another hardware device?

So many possibilities…locked files, stuck drivers, memory leaks, loaded DLLS that aren’t replaced …some apps or plugins require a newer version of a library but until you reboot, an older one is still in use and running new app with old library will screw up…I have not looked that deeply…I feel it’s up to Microsoft to sort that one out. It is not a Gig Performer specific issue.

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Okay… thanks.

Totally agree with dhj on this one. This is not a GP issue, but it is usually MS one. Also, the way the installer for a plugin, or any Windows application is written can also have a significant impact on this type of issue. While IMHO it has improved significantly over the years, it can still be an issue.

Looking forward to trying it. Just did the Komplete 12 upgrade while still on sale

Also installed it. Looks like it has huge potential but it does appear that NI have released this a little early in order to drive sales of the Komplete 12 upgrade before it finished at the end of June.

The sound is excellent with great routeing and modulation capabilities but the UI needs a bit of polishing. e.g. when changing the envelope settings I was expecting the envelope graphic to change but it doesn’t.

Also, note that it needs a computer that supports AVX. Unfortunately this doesn’t include the older Mac Pro 5.1 boxes.

I think the next 12 months of updates to Massive X are going to make it evolve into a very powerful instrument. Don’t get me wrong; it is very usable today, and sounds superb, but the changes to the UI will make it an indispensable tool.

I’m still dealing with blue screen issues even still. I have determined to hold off using Massive X in any of my ‘production’ racks until some updates are released that help, and/or I request DHJ to engage NI with regards to these issues. I haven’t had time to do a full analysis when it occurs, but I’m hoping to get some time to do that this week.

I’ve been using it with GP3 on Mojave without any crashing issues.