Map MIDI input devices in Global Rackspace


as I understand GP the global rackspace is meant to provide a place were I can set up and change the parts of my setup that’s the same for all the different racks in my setlist. How can map MIDI controllers to one input that will then be available everywhere in my environment? Right now I have mapped my controllers in every single rackspace but since I will swap them every now and then depending on what is available I’d like to reduce this to the global rackspace. The “To Rackspaces” patchbay node however only provides audio channels. What is the designated way to do this in GP?

Do you know the Rig Manager?

Yes but I don’t quite see how to solve the task with it. I can define an alias for a given device but won’t that just change how it appears in a rack?

The Rig Manager is very super when you want to change physical devices.
In Rig Manager you define a MIDI Device Alias and assign your physical controller.
Then you define MIDI Control Aliases.
Now when you switch your physical controller you just assign this new controller und you are ready to go.

In the rackspaces you now use as MIDI In Blocks the defined MIDI Device Alias.
And for widget MIDI learn you use the MIDI Control Aliases.

By the way, did you read this?

And do you know this?


I think I get it now. Thanks for the links!