Make widgets saveable per song as well as variations-based (song-part)

I use widgets for which I would like to be able to save their value per song, but remain the same within song parts…
In the next song in the setlist I should then be able to save a next song-based value
so for instance a volume for one instrument for the complete song , while an other instrument could have a changing volume per song part.
In the next song an other volume for that instrument should be set etc.

Obviously the changes per song part are already available but if I switch on ‘ignore variations’ the settings are not saved per song, but are set globally over the full setlist…

Or is there a scriptable option possible?

cheers Hans

Can you create a small gig with you rackspace and variations and your setlist, so I can check?
Please attach some screen shots which value should be recalled on each song.

Hi Pianopaul, here’s the gig file and a screenshot
The second and third panel will need to keep their values on a song base…
The first panel will change per variation

All instruments are fed through a 16 channel audio interface into GIG Performer and GP is used as sort of a digital mixer while keeping options to send program changes or use plugins to enhance the sounds

30|583x500 WHITECAVE_KEMPER(2).gig (1.5 MB)

When you uncheck “Ignore Variations” you can save the value of the widgets in each song part.
But I know then you cannot adjust the widget value in the fly.