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Hey everyone! I am primarily a keyboardist who plays in church. I have been GP now for almost 2 years for both keyboard on Sunday, and guitar practice at home. However, I am having trouble creating a particular sound that I would like to incorporate, and that is the arpeggiator sounds you get from modern CCM, I would to get a list of plugins that 1. Are similar to chord trigger in Mainstage and 2. A plugin that has similar synth pluck or stab sounds that give the chords a little bit more depth. I already have a solid piano and pad sound, with various other sounds but this in particular has been tricky for me to create. I am on a Macbook Air M1.

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I would have tried to help, if i only knew what “CCM” should mean?
I guess it’s not “Customer communications management”…? :thinking: :innocent:
There are quite a lot of users on these forums who are not native English speakers, so staying away from three-letter abbreviations would probably be a good idea if you want to address the whole audience.
Also it would be most helpful if you could provide some examples of what you are looking for.
(i.e. a YouTube link with a timestamp/position where exactly one could hear that specific sound).

I’m pretty sure that you will get faster and better answers if you’d give us a few more precise hints of what you’re after.

Contemporary Christian Music

But I agree with @schamass that a little more insight in the sound you’re looking would be welcome. You could for example give a link to youtube from a song where it is used (including a time position). Or record a little piece and upload it?

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To answer your first question GP5 now has a built in chord maker which has the same function as the Mainstage chord trigger. If you don’t have GP5 Ripchord is another option.

As far as your sound requirements go Omnisphere tends to be the standard in the Contemporary Christian Music world. Many people sell libraries for Omnisphere with patches tailored for CCM. Here is a pretty good library which I have purchased myself below. It has a few plucks and stabs like you mentioned.


Do you have the link to purchase the pack?

Try this: