[MacOS] Virtual Outputs?


I regularly use multi-output audio interfaces. While programming I use a iConnectAudio4+, and on stage I use a X-Air 18. When I pull up my GIGs, they work when developing and when performing due to alike number of outputs.

If I work offline (just the Mac), it uses the “Built-In Output” of the Mac. This is only 2 channels. Left & Right.
I lose the channels set to 3 & 4 (stereo), 5 (mono), 6 (mono), 7 & 8 (stereo), etc…
I know I can reroute these, but then when I perform live, I have to reroute them all again. Hopefully I remembered and did it correctly.

Is there a way, on a Mac, to have multiple virtual outs that mix to L & R of the “Built-In Output” where I don’t need to disturb my audio application output assignments?


Found it…


When you Open a gig which uses multiple outputs and only the internal soundcard is available you should be asked if virtual channels should be used.


Yes - if your gig has connections to say channels 3 and above (input or output) and your interface has only 2 channels in/out then you will get asked by GP if you want to create virtual channels to accommodate for that. It will also ask you if you want to internally route those virtual channels to the output channels 1-2 as well.

You cannot however arbitrarily create virtual channels, but if your gig uses it - you will get the above behaviour. The idea behind this is that you may want to tweak your gig file while away from stage and do not have your full interface. This allows you to do that and then when you do connect the real interface things just work


Yes, GP users are eligible for a discount for Loopback



I’ve viewed the page, How do I get this discount? Is there a code you guys provide?


The email you received when you bought GP has that information


Found it… Thanx


Great — Loopback 2.x is really elegant and easy to use


The trial let me see that it’s exactly what I needed. I like that GP has the virtual port assistance built in, but I needed it for Ableton Live too.