Macbook Pro or Microsoft Surface

I am trying to make a decision between the two - mainly to run Gig Performer and a pdf reader to view sheet music. Right now, I am a Windows 10 user and I am not totally happy with the wonderful Windows Blue screen of death I get occasionally! I thinking about getting a Macbook Pro but I am concerned as to how many plugin manufacturers will allow me to crossgrade my plugins with only a minimal fee? I guess my question is: Is it worth it to switch?

Also, does anyone have a Microsoft Surface and using it with success with GP?

Also, (this is the last question, I promise) if I buy a Microsoft Surface to run GP with Kontakt, Omnisphere DIVA, Nexus 3, etc. etc. how much RAM, SSD do I comfortablly need?

I have a Mac Book Pro with 2TB SSD - and … it is too small :wink:

Just kidding.

Normally on Mac 1TB would be enough, I installed a lot of Toontrack Superior Drummer libraries which I never need live.

Hummm… I have got a 2Tb msata SSD in my NucPC, and 1Tb are already full and this without using it with a DAW software for the moment… So, 2Tb is not necessarily too much.

Why not get a desktop? I have an 8 core ryzen windows 10 which I got for a fraction of a price of a laptop/MacBook. And it outperforms them by 2 to 3 fold. Never had a problem with BSOD. Just my 2 cents. I even take it to gigs


not an expert in such things, my2c:

mac seems easier in handling audio interfaces vs. Latency.
its in several ways easier with handling audio ( but might not play a role here)

i´d never go under 1TB SSD ! …but thats good for ALOTS
( in my case could i NOT add spectrasonics omnisphere though, haha)
watch the new (initial!)M1 Macs which are just coming to market right now !!!**
they have HUGE singlecore power. …well, we have to see the next days how well it translates to real world (audio) apllication uses.
( saying this, while i´m just in progress to buy a Intel hackintosh from retail, which is not little dough)
** means, i would question how much sense it makes to buy a macboo pro right now.
at least would i not buy a new one but a 2nd hand.
And i expect 2nd hand prices to drop soon. Could even happen that they drop further and further in the coming months.

plugin crossgrade depends on your VSTs.
my ones are mostly crossplatform. thats a standard these days, no ?
some few are mac only or windows only