Mac M1 issues saving user presets

Hey again, getting my live performance gig migrated over to my new Mac Mini M1.
It’s been a bit of a slog, most AU’s and VST’s work most of the time, but I’m finding that VB3, Xpand still not fully functional and they don’t recall the user setup in each Rackspace when Gig Performer reloads after power down/bootup. I have to go back into the file where I store the gpp.audiounit files and individually reload every instance of each for every rackspace. Yikes.
Luckily I don’t have any gigs for the next 3 weeks so it’s not a panic… yet…
Can anyone direct me as to what I might be doing wrong or any possible workarounds, thanks!
BTW other than this issue the M1 is amazing. It’s running around 5% CPU even on my biggest, most complex rackspaces. Doesn’t even break a sweat.

Any help greatly appreciated!


If most of your plugins work fine but those two don’t, then it’s most likely a plugin issue….you might need to reach out to the developers of those plugins

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