Mac Book 2018 USB-C Audio Issues


Just had a call from Apple Support, they confirmed that the engineers are working on a bug fix
for the USB-Audio issue.


That’s Awesome!!! thanx for sharing.


But they did not promise any time frame.
Apple should officially give a statement that they are working on that bugfix.


I just hope that it’s not HARDWARE based. And it can be fixed with firmware or OS updates.


Yes, but when it is based on hardware users should have the rigth to replace the hardware!


I thought I’d just post this here as I just learned from someone at RME that this device
somehow bypasses the faulty/buggy chip inside the computer and should work perfectly.

I haven’t tried this, the device is not inexpensive and I do not know if it really works or not, but I thought it might be useful to post it here.


Have you been able to test?
Do you get any glitches?
What buffersize did you use?


Good news!
The latest public beta 10.14.4 Beta 5 seems to address the audio usb-issue.
RME did a test and confirmed that they tested some hours and no issue occured.


That is GREAT news! Thanks for sharing. Excited for this to get released.


I was fighting with Apple Support since August 2018.
I wrote an E-Mail to Tim Cook and I am sure that I was the one they listened :wink:


According to this German post, the new 10.14.4 beta really fixed the problems. … 38624.html


This is great news T. I’m sure your input was invaluable in helping them fid the issue. Interesting that this seems to be related to the automatic time updating.


I noticed some audio glitches since Mavericks, but they did not lead to audio stutter like in Mojave.