Lyrics and chords in GP

I have problem to get lyrics work with songs.
This is what I do:
I copy lyrics text to lsong/lyrics editor what is inside GP 3.
I save lyrics from save tap in editor and save in .pro format.
When I change song all lyrics have disappear.
I get this message.
Use the open file function to load a lyrics/chords file.
What I do wrong?
How to lock lyrics to song or Song parts?
I allready readed manual but It didn´t help me.
Could some one do short video how to do this.


You have to place your .PRO files into your root Songs/Lyrics folder.
To see what it it or to change it - click on Options->Setlists/Songs… and at the bottom of that window either mark what the folder is or select a new one.

Now you can organize and place your .PRO files into that folder. You can user subfolders as well to separate things by categories.

Once you have the files there - select a song in GP, then open the Song/Lyrics editor and load a file from that location. That should create the association instantly.