Lyric Files Don't Save

Hi, everyone. I am adding lyrics to songs and saving them as .gpchord files. However, when I pull the file back up, it’s empty. Has anyone else experienced this? Thanks!


Hi Keys,

Have you check whats on the manual, about file locations - save /open?

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Thanks! Chalk this one up to a stupid guy who didn’t read the manual.

hey, doing my best to help out, with what you have written up…
In the end did you find anything helpful in that link?

Here’s a nice blog article that explains in detail about Chordpro usage in Gig Performer:

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While we’re on the subject of Chordpro files, do these pop up automatically when assigned to a song or do you have to do something to make them show up while performing?

You have to open the window and then the content is automatically refreshed when you switch songs.

Got it - thank you!!

One you open the window like @pianopaul explained the window will display the ChordPro file of the song you’re currently playing automatically.

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Absolutely. If you just add text without the markup, it does some wonky things. Sometimes it’ll save it. Most of the time, it won’t. If you follow the instructions, it works. I appreciate the pointer.