Lost rig settings

Hi. Im sure theres a simple solution to this problem that is eluding me.
In my panel that i use i have 2 midi keyboard gains - one for each keyboard, which i control via 2 midi volume pedals.
On the rig page, if i inadvertently plug things into my laptop in a different order it will lose the top keyboard which i then reconnect on the rig page. All well and good - but no. Now the midi volume control for that keyboard no longer works, unless i go through every rack in my set list and reset it by hand in the panel page. Surely there must be a way to do this just once and then copy it to every song. Im using a Steinberg UR24C interface, and in the rig page the number in front of the UR24C increases from 1, to 2, etc. This seems to be the problem because if it stayed at 1 everything would be ok.

Did you not assign that MIDI Volume control to a named widget which can be an alias in the Rig Manager?

Yes i do have a named widget in my rack for the pedal. But when i move the pedal while im looking at the rig page it registers on the keyboard. So what youre suggesting is creating a different link between the widget and the pedal.

I don’t understand - that’s not what I said.

Please post a screen shot of your rig manager showing the named widget for that pedal

No, what @dhj suggests is to create, in Rig Manager, control alias name for each of your pedal (e.g. EXP_Pedal_1 and EXP_Pedal_2) and not only MIDI port alias names.

If you plug things in your laptop in a different order, in Rig Manager, you will have to remap the MIDI port AND the controls.

But only once, in the Rig Manager

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