Looking for a tempo synced auto start loop player

I’m new to Gig Performer. I’m on a windows 10 machine. I’m trying to use this for electronic music performance. I’m coming from using Audiomulch for 20+ years. So far I’m finding GP really intuitive.

I’m hoping to find a simple stereo loop player that will trigger the loop when you press play in gig performer and sync to the global tempo. I want to be able to tell the loop player how long the loop is in bars and have it either re-pitch or time stretch the loop to the global tempo.

My current work around is using a little midi sequencer called Harvest mini to play a 1 bar whole note loop into the midi input of Komplete Kontrol with the Audio Player. This setup works basically how I want, except I have to write in the midi note in Harvest every time I open a GP file.

Does anyone have thoughts on a streamlined looper for GP?

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There are some expensive plugins out there, such as this:



Otherwise, you could use Ableton Live, seeing as though GP has the Ableton Link feature.

Otherwise, if what you have is working, could you replace Harvest with something that retained the data? But what is it doing? Is the note triggering Komplete Kontrol to play? If so, there would be many other options to get that same outcome.

Would the free Ableton Live Lite that I got with my new NI S61 MK2 keyboard work? I haven’t installed it. Didn’t know if I’d have any use for it.

Yes, it should work.
But OSC is not possible because missing M4L
But you can remote control via MIDI.

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Maybe there will be a discounted upgrade from Lite to the full Live for Black Friday.