"Lock rackspace" Meaning I can adjust any plugin or widget, but it won't stick until I manually overwrite the rackspace

As the title says, I’m used to pedals where I can load a patch, do any changes I want and as soon as I switch the patch, the previous one reverts to its original state.

I know I can use the “Revert rackspace to last saved version”-feature, but this is not useful in a live situation. Maybe I’m missing something, but if not, I would really love to have this feature.

This could either be a master setting in preferences (“Don’t remember rackspace changes without saving” or something), or a setting per rackspace. Either works for me.

Are you using the setlist/song feature of GP? If you re-use your rackspace in different songs, it will always be in its original state, regardless of what widgets you changed in one of those songs.


No, I’m not. My plan is to map my rackspaces to my midi foot pedal and switch everything manually. Having automatic switches seems cool, but I hope to keep my old, manual playstyle.

You can use the songs to suit your purposes e.g. nothing stopping you having a song per rackspace, or even just one song, with a rackspace per song part. They can be switched manually with Program Change messages just the same as rackspaces. May be worth exploring, as it provides a very flexible layer to GP.

As @rank13 is suggesting… if you assign racksaces to songs and you make changes to them while you are in Song mode… the changes are temporary which is what you are after.

How you control the switching from one rackspace/song/songpart to another is up to you and changeable in the Options menu.

Oh, ok cool! I need to check this out before I’m concluding anything. Thanks for the tips both of you!

Ok, basically being in song mode does what I need. Thanks again!
But, is there a chance the left panes in Song mode could be rescaled? If I don’t have any song, but a lot of rackspaces, a bunch of space is wasted on the empty setlist. Rackspaces can be minimized, why not Setlist/Songs?

What benefit would be when the Setlist could be minimized?

And when you do not have a song why would you use SetList mode?

The whole point is to have a non-destructive workflow with my rackspaces. I want to change things on the fly, but also have every rackspace revert once I activate another one. The suggestion in this thread was to use setlist/song-mode, which gives me exactly that. But I don’t have any songs and don’t intend to for the time being. Which means I want to see my whole rackspace-list instead. But right now half the screen height is used for the empty setlist, which I can’t minimize like I can with the rackspace-list.

Ok, understand
But with no song SetList does not make sense, I think.
You could use the option to recall widget values on load / on activate a rackspace.

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I appreciate the suggestion, but for that I would have to create widgets for all the parameters I’m changing. I might be doing this in a very weird way, but I actually like having several plugins open on my screen and change things on the fly based on my needs.

Sounds like I’ll have to stick with setlist/song-mode for messing around and using the rackspace-mode when altering my rackspaces. If any devs sees this, know that I’m asking all this from a place of love, not annoyance that things aren’t the way I want them to be.

So you do not use Widgets to change plugin parameters?
Normally changing rackspaces should not reset parameters which are not mapped to widgets or referenced by scripting.

The devs see all, know all…we just can’t do everything that everyone wants, all at the same time😎



The other pretty simple solution is to just get your sounds where you like them and then save the preset, either within the plugin itself or with GP’s plugin container. Then you can alter your parameters but be able to recall the starting point. If you’re doing most all your work in the plugin UI itself, that’s very akin to working with most any hardware synth.

Along the same lines, it would be super helpful to be able to convert rackspaces to songs. That way, the temporary adjusting widgets that revert to original variation and other song view features can be enjoyed. Right now the procedure is painful for lots of rackspaces. You have to create a song, name it the same as the rackspace, create song parts for the all the variations, name them all, then associate each song part with the correct rackspace/variation. Very time consuming. If anyone has a quicker solution for this, please let me know.

When in a band that has a song/setlist that has been setup, this is obviously not needed. However, I freelance a lot and fill in or just jam with others where there hasn’t be a songlist created, but I want to be able to use my rackspaces and change widget values on the fly without sticking (so I don’t want to use the rackspace view).

While holding the SHIFT key down, click on Options | Advanced Cettings.

The Advanced Options should show up with an extra button in it

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Note that this is not officially supported and could go away at any time

Oh man! This is awesome! Exactly what I was hoping for! I hope this never goes away! Thank you! :slight_smile:

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