Live playing

Hi Newbie here. I am looking to use GP to play in a live band via my Midi keyboard. The most common sounds I will need are a Hammond Organ, piano, strings. Can anyone who plays live can give me some some good plug in ideas for these sounds please? Thanks

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There are so many. First of all, GP4 comes with a reasonable hammond organ (HANON B70) that you can use to get started

Here are some others —
Arturia B-3
Acoustic Samples B5 (runs on UVI Falcon)

For acoustic piano I personally prefer Modartt Pianoteq but others may have different views

If you go with the Arturia Modeling collection (to get the Arturia B-3), there’s also an emulation of the ARP Solina

If you want “real” sounding strings, then NI Kontakt with string samples is the way to go.

Happy playing.


Welcome to the family! :beers:
As David already mentioned, i also would recommend the Arturia Collection as one of the best “all in one” packages, even if it seems a bit lopsided towards vintage synths, but the organs and the piano/e-pianos are quite good.
A very good source for all those bread & butter sounds is Korg’s Triton extreme… maybe this might also be a nice candidate for your start into the wide world of plugins.

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I have been happy with Neo Soundstation 2 as a “bread and butter” option for lots of sounds (strings, brass, etc). It is only $30.00.

I tend to think Kontakt (6 or 7) is pretty helpful because it opens up to access to sample libraries by smaller developers (I do not use their factory sounds very much).


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Thank you for the replies

I bought NI Komplete 13 (380 euro, summer sale, but now around the same price for Black Friday). It contains a hammond, several acoustic/electric pianos and indeed a real sounding strings. And you get a bunch of other synth sounds and many ’ probably never going to use’ sounds.

What I missed mostly was some ‘normal’ strings, like an ensemble; the NI has mostly a small group of sounds). For this free VSTs can be used like BBC Symphony Orchestra / Discover from Spitfire Audio, and recently found Numa Player from StudioLogic, In Numa Player, I switch off the piano and keep the string sound, then blend it with the others.