Link or Macro to open external text editor or Word doc

I have paid for the full version of GP3 and I also pay to use the MS Word, which all my lyrics are accessed…( over 400 in all) Rather than convert them to chord/pro (over the next year) I would love to be able to access them possibly via a macro insert to each song file (which would relieve GP from copyright infringement… etc. Maybe you may have another suggestion how I might pull up a word document when I load a song or something… It is a remarkable program though, and I am still working through my bugs. Thanks You.

Are you on Mac or Windows?

Windows 10 - Dell 5566 touch laptop, 12 gb - MS 365 (Word)

Do you have any programming experience? There’s this.

Sorry I do not have any programming experience. However my wife thinks I have programmed her to do things she does not want to do… :slight_smile: Just kidding!

Bome MIDI translator might be an option but it’s not cheap. In principle, you can send it MIDI messages and it can execute scripts.

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Yes I thought that might be an option but was not sure of implementing it. I had also considered just creating a set folder, then copying the particular lyric files I planned to use and drag them to that folder, then renaming them say; 1 thru 10. That way it may be easier to pull up a numbered file, either in a macro or possibly Bomes.

Seems to me it would be just as easy to copy them into ChordPro files then.

Ya I suppose so. I’ll just have to see if Santa has copy in his bag for me this Christmas… lol

Really do appreciate you taking the time to try and help me work through this. Hope you have a good evening!

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