Level change of Non Midi channels in connected Keyboard RD2000

Hi all,

mayby this s not GP related, mayby it is…

My Keyboard Roland RD2000 is connected via USB to GP (win10) and the XR18 mixer.
Per Tone the RD has 8 Zones which can be used for internal and external use. I use the first 4 for internal, and 5-8 for external (Midi 1-4).
Per Song I use one Tone, which I can relate to a scene for quick choosing.

By choosing the song related scene the keyboard is sending PC change to GP (three instances). GP is changing accordingly, works all fine (as long I have no issues with midi…(Win related…)
Suddenly I face the problem that internal RD channels are at 100% volume (at RD internal Zones) when I change to a song, at which I use internal as well as external Zones.
Is it possible that this is somehow controlled from GP? Usually I do just one way signal from the Keyboard to GP and never from GP to the Keyboard.
Is it possible the GP is sending signals to the Keyboard.
What can cause the volume change of a Keyboard internal channel caused by GP?

Due to some Midi issues I tried some settings here and there… May that is causing this?

Thanks for some ideas.

Just disable midi out to Roland in the midi ports.
Then you can be sure that Gig Performer is not causing the issue

Hi Paul,

yes, I will do; but what and from where can come this signal?

For sure not from Gig Performer.
Are you on Mac?

on win10

Ok, on Mac there is for example a program called. Midimonitor, on Windows I do know
With this the midi traffic can be observed.

In this article: Gig Performer | How to send Program Change messages out to hardware devices and other applications

… are used MIDI Monitor (Mac only) and MidiView (PC and Mac).