LED/button flashing Global Tempo

Hi everyone,

I created a TAP tempo button with the new “System Actions” plugin to control the global TAP tempo.

I have minimum script knowledge, but I’d like to create a LED that keeps blinking at the speed of the global tempo (for visual reference). I’ve see the “metronome visual” thread, but I have no idea how to apply this top a single button/LED.

Has anyone done that yet? Would be extremely helpful for me…


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Gimme some minutes

The left Knob fully right => Every beat is shown with the Green button

beat.gig (47.1 KB)

Include the System Actions Plugin and map your widgets
Bildschirmfoto 2021-07-05 um 23.05.29


Thanks Paul! You’re amazing!

Thank you for the flowers (Word by word translation from German to Englisch) :wink:

It means, thx for the honour.

I appreciate that you like it

I had a look at it… nice! :+1:
There is just one thing that seems to be strange: I see no diffrence on whatever value i dial the beatmode-knob - what is the beatmode supposed to do?

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On or off for generating values on the other parameters (beat/accent). It should probably be a button :wink:
EDIT: sorry, no it’s not! :blush: I think when < 1.0 it’s a count-in value, before it switches off. If you change it, you have to restart the global playhead to see the result.

When fully to the right (“On”) it will generate the beat/accent permanently.

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Ah, ok… i didn’t do this. Will try it again at home, later on… thanks! :slight_smile:

When you set it to 4 beats, then the buttons will flash 4 beats

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Yes, that’s the catch.

BeatMode - Off - Countoff only (1 to 16 beats) - On (Always).
Link: System Actions