Leapin' Lemur


David, thanks so much for our extended chat at NAMM about Gig Performer and Touch OSC vs. Lemur. Your new GP3 template for Lemur made it almost a no brainer to switch and also helped me better grok the set list functions in lieu of the impending manual.

Because I had been using TouchOSC with a DIY template that covered each object’s function and naming in the template, once I reconnected to Lemur, it was much easier than expected to convert my rackspaces to songs (thanks undocumented feature) and relabel only the objects needed for that song for Lemur. I do enjoy having a less cluttered screen per rackspace. The setlist and songs pages are something I didn’t know I needed until working with them. Incredibly useful. Lemur is just plain prettier to look at and the object labeling seems to be more solid than when I last experimented with it.

Speaking of labeling, I’ve found more consistent results by labeling the widget itself rather than using the ObjectXName text boxes. In the case of a button, if the text box was used to name the button and the button widget’s customized caption was blank, the button’s label would go blank when touched on, but not return to the text box name state when touched off. Captioning the object instead of the object’s text box keeps the label intact whatever the button’s state.

I’ve attached a slight modification of your Lemur template, where I gave the sliders a bit more vertical screen space and changed Button 9 and 10’s response from switch to pad. Thanks for making an already great product even better!

Michael Barrett


Oh, guess I can’t upload the template directly as it’s not a recognized file format for upload. Sorry.


You can zip and use Dropbox or google drive or similar with a link to the file :wink: