Layout Designer : undo + improved select/move

In the Layout Designer the UNDO function would be really appreciated.

Especially because when you clic on a widget to select it, it often starts to move. I think the possibility to move after a clic should be slightly delayed such that a widget selection don’t immediatly move the widget.


Agreed. Too many times I’ve changed values inadvertently by scrolling the widget page. There has to be a more graceful way to separate editing layout vs value.

Perhaps a ‘value lock’ on each widget that prevents manual, non-MIDI triggered movement until said ‘value lock’ is disengaged?

As for the widget movement itself–that was, and is, the best reason for a ‘snap-to-grid’ setup. I know it was debated at one time but I don’t know the reason(s) why it wasn’t implemented.


New user here… and I thought I was missing something fundamental until I saw this post!

Agree about select/move… too easy to throw off a layout as is. I’ve taken to right-clicking widgets to select them.

Absolutely concur that editing experience should separate widget mapping and widget layout a bit more.

Options to lock layout or mappings (for multiple selected widgets) would move in this direction without creating a new workflow.


I want to add my voice to this. Please fix undo. Too many times have I distributed buttons on the wrong axis (due to a bit confusing button design) and having to undo manually is a huge pain.

Yes please (like really pretty please with a cherry on top…)

…I’ve spent a LOT of time having to redo things which don’t quite work as expected in the layout designer, either through my error (for instance clicking the wrong “align” or “center” button) or because the layout designer isn’t quite doing what it’s supposed to (like when you resize things it sometimes gets janky).

Not having an undo is such a persistent and frustrating problem that I’ve pretty much given up making my layouts look ok and just use it to assign controls.

(Having said that I love GP - so thank you for all your ongoing efforts.)

Very much appreciated – we hope to have improved layout and undo for widget manipulation soon.

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