Layout Designer : undo + improved select/move

In the Layout Designer the UNDO function would be really appreciated.

Especially because when you clic on a widget to select it, it often starts to move. I think the possibility to move after a clic should be slightly delayed such that a widget selection don’t immediatly move the widget.


Agreed. Too many times I’ve changed values inadvertently by scrolling the widget page. There has to be a more graceful way to separate editing layout vs value.

Perhaps a ‘value lock’ on each widget that prevents manual, non-MIDI triggered movement until said ‘value lock’ is disengaged?

As for the widget movement itself–that was, and is, the best reason for a ‘snap-to-grid’ setup. I know it was debated at one time but I don’t know the reason(s) why it wasn’t implemented.


New user here… and I thought I was missing something fundamental until I saw this post!

Agree about select/move… too easy to throw off a layout as is. I’ve taken to right-clicking widgets to select them.

Absolutely concur that editing experience should separate widget mapping and widget layout a bit more.

Options to lock layout or mappings (for multiple selected widgets) would move in this direction without creating a new workflow.