Latest GP Script documentation

Thanks to @simon, we now have a much improved manual for people interested in using GP Script.

The documentation can be found here


Wow, this is amazing! Good work team!

It looks good and is well-organized. Thanks for the effort in collating all the info.
Definitely need to put a lot more real-world usage examples in there, though. Terms and descriptions only go so far…

What kinds of things are you looking for? This manual is intended to be a reference document to the language and its system library. It’s not trying to be a cookbook though clearly such a thing would be very nice to have.

How about a section featuring examples that users have previously submitted on the forum?

That’s actually already in the works :wink:


I have a big collection, from the forum :wink:

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A minor documentation note -

On this page: File extensions used in Gig Performer

gpscript does not appear