Kontakt Session Horns and Predictive Loading

I’ve had all kinds of crashes loading Kontakt Session Horns if I have predictive loading enabled (which I need because I have 60 rackspaces to load in my keyboard instance). I can get it to load if I turn predictive loading off, no crashes. But, then I’ve got pops and clicks when I play / run audio. I could keep predictive loading off and put each song set into it’s own instance and only load them when I need them, but that really limits my flexibility during a gig if I need to switch things up.

Which Kontakt Version Are you using.
Do you use Session Horns pro?

I have also found that i cannot use session horns in a a few rackspacess in a row with predictive loading as it will cause a crash. So i now never use predictive loading, and got extra ramm. Much safer in my opinion.

I am using Session Horns Pro and now issue with predictive load.

I also always use session horns with other plugs like ivory and blue 3 never on its own and i always have 2 or 3 racks in a row with it in them. It doesnt happen 100% of the time but enough for me to not risk it live. I havent tested this on the latest version of gp as i stopped using predictive load way back.

@onkeyz, you mean you use Session Horns Pro on a regular basis, but only with everything loaded in RAM, i.e. without predictive loading. And you thus have no problem with it, right?

Yes no prob at all only when predictive loading was on. As i said this was on a older version of gp

Just a note that I also had issues with Session Horns and predictive loading and have had to curtail my usage of Session Horns because of it. This was on 3.5. I haven’t used it on 3.6 yet.