Kontakt 6.6.1 Sync to GP

I can´t get Kontakt v6.6.1 to sync its internal clock to GP´s master clock. I have it set to ´Ext´ in Kontakt´s ´Master´ section, but it´s not picking up the tempo, whether GP´s transport is in Play or not. Other plugins, like my Valhalla DDLs, seem to sync to GP automatically. Anybody had this issue, know how to resolve it? Tried Ableton Link, didn´t help. TIA.
M1 Macbook Air
Big Sur 11.6.1
Kontakt 6.6.1
GP 4.1.5

Just tried it on my Mac - seems to be fine (same version 6.6.1 - tried VST2, VST3 and AU). That said, if you’re running on M1 under Rosetta, then who knows how Kontakt is handling it.

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Thanks - I guess the M1/Rosetta issue must be it - it should ´just work´, as you are showing, no special settings need to be set, correct? Which means I´m stuck waiting til NI updates their plugins. In the meantime: could this also explain why I´m not getting VST or VST3 versions of any of my NI plugins to show up in GP, only the AU versions? In plug in manager, it says: ¨Deactivated after failing to initialize correctly¨ for all the NI VST/VST3 plugs. Could that also be a M1/Rosetta issue? If not, any suggestions for getting them to initialize correctly?

Yeah, see this blog article


Hi quick follow up: yes indeed, as you suggested, when opened with GP in Rosetta mode, I not only get Kontakt’s metronome to follow GP, I am also able to use VST/VST3 versions of all my plugs (after a re-scan in Plugin Manager). Interestingly, I don’t seem to be taking much if any CPU hit running in this mode, so I think i’ll stay in Rosetta mode for now. But it does bring up the follow on question: is there a definitive answer to the AU vs VST vs VST3 question, especially in my particular circumstance (Rosetta mode on an M1 Mac)? I read through the thread on the forum, and it seemed there were some pros and cons, and some differences of opinion. So maybe it’s a question of trial and error, whatever works best for the individual user? At the very least, should I as a rule of thumb try to keep all plugins the same, i.e, all AU, all VST or all VST3? Mainly looking for lowest CPU load - haven’t noticed any plug-in specific stability issues…

Or would it be logical to assume that one should go all AU in this particular circumstance, given Apple’s fancy AU-Rosetta behind-the-scenes integration? Your thoughts?

Just my opinion but better to have everything running on the same environment, i.e, if you’re going to run on an M1 and you are still using Intel plugins, then just run everything under Rosetta.

Personally, I am not going to consider switching to M1 for live performance until all the plugins I need to use are available natively.