Kontakt 5 GUI in September 2018 GP version


Have the latest Kontakt 5 and GP versions installed - I cannot properly (only partially) open nor resize the Kontakt 5 VST GUI from the patch view. From the panel edit view, it works better but still the “Close” button is missing (alt + F4 works).

In an earlier Kontakt 5/GP combination, this worked better.


Can you (a) say specifically which version of Kontakt 5 you have and (b) the actual version of Gig Performer that you have installed? (You’d be surprised how many people tell us they’re using the latest version but it turns out they’re not!)

I don’t understand what you mean by “Patch view” and “Panel edit view”. Do you mean Gig Performer’s Connection View and Rackspace Panel view? There is no different in the plugin window regardless of what piece of Gig Performer is visible.

What close button is missing?

Can you perhaps post an image here showing the problem?



Many thanks for the reply and sorry for replying late. GP is version 2.4.0 and Kontakt is 5.8.1.

What I meant by “patch view” is “connections view”. When I open up Kontakt from the VST block there, I always get a VST window with half of the GUI cut off and without the “close window” button on the upper right corner. The only way to close this one is “alt+F4”. I can neither resize nor drag nor scroll this window.

When I have toggled to the rack edit mode and want to learn widgets from the VST, the window opening from that mode is sometimes a little better, It shows more of the VST GUI then but still no drag, resize nor “Close Window” button. But only if I have not opened Kontakt from the connections view before and not consistent.

WIll try to upload a screenie when I get the chance.


Is there a reason why you are running a version of Gig Performer that is several iterations older than he current version, 2.6?


No - will look into what happened. Might have hit the wrong download button on the download page when I meant to update to the current version.


It is still like this in 2.6.0


Are you using GigPerformer on an external Screen?


The plugin window title cannot be seen.
Did you move that plugin window or does it appear like this when you open the plugin?


On the internal screen of my Lenovo Yoga 2 13 (high definition).

It opens directly like this, I can neither move nor resize the window. The only way to close it is Alt+F4.


Can you connect an external screen move GigPerformer to the external screen.
Then open Kontakt.


will try this.

uhe plugins in GP open perfectly well for me.
Kontakt 5 in Reaper as well.
Kontakt 4 VST opens in GP with the window title visible and the window can be moved but neither resized nor scrolled.