Komplete Kontrol Mk3 users question (who uses the Komplete Kontrol functionality)

I have a Komplete Kontrol Mk3 Keyboard with Gig Performer and have a question.

Who uses the NKI feature of Komplete Kontrol. My experience is the more “Smart controller” concept doesn’t necessarily work that well with Gig Performer (or maybe I’m wrong). As if you use multiple instances I don’t think those instances will follow if you go to a new NKI rackspace.

In this scenario is there a way you can turn off this functionality and use the Komplete Kontrol in a more “dumb controller” mode?

Hope I’m explaining this question correctly, but maybe this issue is fixed now as I used to use the Studio One show mode feature and I remember it didn’t seem to work well with NKI presets and I’m assuming Gig Performer might be similar (as there don’t really seem to be a good way to switch NKI instances from controller or it didn’t work smoothly).


I am using s88 MKII but not Komplete kontrol in gig Performer.
Together with ableton and Komplete kontrol in Ableton Live I can use the S88 for displaying levels.

Details here