Knobs Problem


I have a problem with the knobs. It doesn’t response gradually.
What I mean is that when I twist the physical knob in my control surface, the virtual knob in GP will suddenly jump from 0 to 50 to 100. It’s not gradual. Under the midi tab, there is a behaviour function to let me choose if jump or catch. I tried both but no solution at all.

Anyone has experienced this?
How did you solve it?


Can you please open the Midi Monitor window and tell us what shows up there as you move your physical control?

Hello. Thanks for the reply. Nothing shows up. It’s empty,


I Just change my nanokontrol to CC mode. But there was a problem with CC mode just in case you read this. The slider 1 will not function. But I’ll provide you with the solution. The cause of this is that the default CC# of slider 1 is CC0. So you need to change it to something different number. Like mine all sliders I changed it. From slider 1 set to CC1, slider 2 CC2, slider 3 CC3 and so on. And you can check and do this through Korg Editor. You have to download it first and also Korg Midi driver. Install it to you system and restart the computer. And then open Korg Editor, select your device (i.e. korg nanokontrol2). And then change everything that’s needed to be changed. ALL IS WELL NOW.

Yes, this is well known — CC0 and CC32 are used for bank switching and the current version of GP does not pass those events on to widgets. This is something that will be addressed in a future version.

In the meantime, thanks so much for posting your solution - it’s helpful to others.


I recently just discovered this while programming my FCB1010. I didn’t want one of the pedals reacting with my controller volume (CC07). So I used CC31 & CC32. Took me a while to figure out why I wasn’t getting any signal through GP. :thinking: