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I’ve noticed a strange behavior when you attach a widget to Keyscape.
Keyscape Widget.gig (22.2 KB)

The knob-widget is (in Keyscape - classic Rhodes sound) attached to the Preamp selector (clean, brite etc). When you load in the rack variation a different preset (Rhodes - Classic Chorus) the widget doesn’t respond correctly (different value). It says value 3, but it should be 7. If you move the knob it works fine, but it doesn’t load the correct value. If you attach a knob to a knob in Keyscape: they work fine. But when you attach them to a selector (like preamp or Denoise) they differ.

Hope you can help!

I can confirm and I double-checked with Ableton Live, here the issue also exists.

What is strange are the reported values from Keyscape to Gig Performer.

I will contact Spectrasonics.

Found this in cantabile forum

Thanx. I’ve checked the same thing in MainStage… same problem :frowning:

I saw on your link in that forum: Spectrasonics replied, they’re looking into it.
This was dec 2018… That doesn’t look very promising…

I got this feedback from Spectrasonics

Hello ,


Thank you for reaching out with this, I’d be happy to help.


While the value of the slider in the Device menu doesn’t always reflect the current setting of the Preamp parameter, Host Automation does function normally. 

Changing the Preamp setting in Keyscape does affect the slider and vice versa. 

I wouldn’t worry about the value reflected in the slider, instead use the position for reference.


Hope that is helpful!

This sounds like a stupid answer from Spectrasonics or did I miss something?

Yes, I am in contact with Spectrasonics.
I have to make a short video to show him the issue.
It is not a real issue as HOST Automation really works both ways, but it is confusing when changing a preset in Keyscpace does not set the widget to the correct position.

Please check my video. I can’t understand what is happening with the recall function…

Why did you remove the post?

sorry Wrong button. Did you see the video? after switching a couple of times between variations the value is different. I thought I had to use “this value” instead of last saved.

I saw the video

Even If I change the value setting to “this value” it changes after a couple of times… Drives me nuts. Can you understand what is happening??

Keyscape.gig (17.6 KB)

I made a small gig and when I switch between variations it is always working correctly.

Ooops, when you switch the variation Scoop to variation Clean, it does not work.

Yep. I’ve noticed too. It seems the first option doesn’t work here.
Gig performer crashes :frowning:

Crash Report (28.9 KB)

The values of the knob widget are really strange when you turn the knob: 100/60,5/64,5/0/100/100

I made a short video and contacted again Spectrasonics.

Is seems that the widget receives two messages:

TOTAL keyscape issue.gig (569.4 KB)
EDIT: @pianopaul: when I delete the other rackpannels (ext out en str layer) in the Rhodes & World rackspace the error occurs less. EDIT 2: never mind. Problem still occurs with all the selectors.

I think it is an issue with host automation in Keyscape.

ok. the mono switches don’t respond 100% as well.
The weirdest thing to me are the values which correspond to the selectors. Some are the same (double).

I’ll wait for their respons. Too bad… this is the ultimate function of Gig Performers Variations!!

@pianopaul: Was there something in the crash report which made sense? GP crashed several times during the Keyscape experiment

The crash report I cannot analyze, only the developers can.
Keyscape.gig (18.0 KB)

I created a small script and it seems with this hack it is working.

   KS : Widget
   v  : double 

// Called when you switch variations
On Variation(oldVariation : integer, newVariation : integer)
 v = GetWidgetValue(KS)

Clean works as long as you don’t set the knob all the way to zero.