Keyboard usage

At home I use Gig Performer with a mouse, but I’m probably in the next months using it also to make tweaks in the rehearsal room (as it is clear some sounds/volumes etc may need to be adjusted).

I’m wondering how many people using this application with keyboard mainly, as I noticed not all actions have keyboard shortcuts and could benefit from it.

During rehearsals i use a small Logitech keyboard with integrated touchpad… for the basic use of GP and minor tweaks it does the job pretty well (and it’s not expensive).

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@schamass , The K400 or the K400+, right?


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Don’t know the exact model number anymore, but yeah, this kind of keyboard.

Interesting solution … however, I think I use my laptop for now within reach …later I can decide to keep it out of the way or place in such a way between my keyboards that only my keyboard/touchpad is not reachable (or make that it is)… at least it’s good to know there is such external keyboard option, didn’t think about it. On the other hand, I still like some often used commands to be keyboard shortcut controllable :slight_smile:

@Michelkeijzers ,

I’m curious. What actions aren pointer only that you want to be keyboard enabled?


During working at home for example:

  • Show properties of song (to change the transpose)
  • Edit (F2) keys in general for rackspaces, songs, variations etc

While playing:

  • Changing volumes (of audio mixer) without the need to create widgets as once they are ok, I don’t need to change them.

What audio mixer?
Why not use a midi controller for that?


If you are playing, then you probably already have configured your volume levels.
If you are not playing, simply open the Audio Mixer’s plugin editor and change whatever you want. Once you’re satisfied, close it. You don’t need widgets for this if you don’t change values in variations.
NB: you can easily access its plugin editor in the Panels view, hold the Shift key down and click to open the Widgets menu (see here).

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Thanks, that’s a nice tip about the shift key.

I program normally my volumes at home, but only in the rehearsal room I need to adjust them (since I don’t know what the guitarists will play, regarding volume, type of sound etc so to cut through the mix / or not, I need to adjust volumes). But you are right, it only needs to be done a few times before it’s ok and it’s not really needed to create some complicated widgets or other method.

The other shortcuts would be very nice to have as I use those actions a lot. But maybe I will at some later point put a feature request for regularly used shortcuts (at least by me).

I use normally two foot pedals (one for volume upper, one for volume lower), but that’s only for adjusting during playing, typically I want them to program correctly before the rehearsal, but I mostly need to readjust them.