Keyboard Color Map Display

I think the option to have a variable sized keyboard (25, 49, 61, 88) displayed as a widget or somewhere on the screen. It could receive the keypress from midi-in blocks to show keys pressed in real time, splits or keyswitches shown with different assignable colors. Similar to lighted keyboards from NI and other manufacturers now.
Playing in 5 working bands with one 88 note controller, I have basically made a rack space for each song, for each band. I load them in an ever changing (set) gig file per band.
I trigger a lot of sampled effects and have splits set up for a lot of songs. Sometimes its not easy to remember where that split is or that sample is for a specific song in a different band.
Having a quick reference across the bottom would make things a little easier. I have my laptop next to me as I play. Hey, I made those panels for “someone” to look at. Might as well be me! :wink:
Size could be similar the the minimizing of the audio input/outputs that currently reside at the bottom of GP screen.
This would be something that would be completely customizable (color, keys per range) independent of the instrument plug-in. Lighting up the keys when pressed could be shown even if multiple midi-in blocks played the same notes (maybe add a number on the key if two or more identical notes are received).

Definitely need this i have the same problems remembering split points

A good idea, but I think very difficult to implement.
In Gig Performer you have multiple Midi In Blocks, Note ranges can overlap.
With variations you can define different splits.
With filtering Note On messages in the different Midi In Block you can simulate split points.
The same you can do with chaning sending Midi Channels and use of a multitimbral plugin.

For this use cases I have no clus how to vizualize that.

I see that there would be problems that would have to be worked out for the instances you stated. However even just a static keyboard display that users can color code keys for key-switches and splits would be a possible starting point.

Just an idea:

You could make a diagram of your keaboards splits for example in photoshop and then include that in the chord pro display - at least on mak that could work.
Or with scripting start an external program to show a picture of your keaboard splits.

A “superview” of keyboards in use, complete with splits display (and edit) is on our list for a future version but we cannot say a date when it will be available.


Could you also add some widgets like play pause, stop also some foot switch ones, mod wheel and pitch bend. Thanks