Issues with some plugins (loading in VST only but not AU)

Hi all,

I have two plugins I love dearly but they would only load as VST in GP3, although they work fine on my machine in AU in Logic Pro.

That would be TwoNotes Wall of Sound latest version and SKnote TwinR, both on MacOs10.14.5

Especially the Sknote TwinR sounds amazing but uses about 10% more CPU than the AU version in Logic.

Thanks if anyone has any tipps.

No pun intended but make sure you’re not mixing apples and oranges and are measuring things properly. For example, Logic has some extra buffers (I/O buffers and process buffers) so latency may be slightly different. Generally, plugins that are available in multiple formats have the same underlying code but with just different wrappers.

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Ok I read about VST3 being more efficient than VST especially with idle plugins. Also VST other than VST3 and AU is 32 Bit? Not sure

Anyways. Neglecting that, Iwonder what the reason is some plugs don’t run as AU and if there were a fix.

Well, there are some implementation issues having to do with how plugins behave under different circumstances.

Having said that, suppose for a moment that the VST with which you’re working is using a bit more CPU.

How is that impacting your ability to use Gig Performer?

It’s a valid question. It can in fact impact latency if I have to increase buffer sizes. Also when the plugins no longer offer a VST version it can be an issue.
I also cannot buy plugins with confidence if some work and some don’t. Sknote don‘t offer demos for example and it took me an hour or so to find out that I could only load the VST.

I think you answered the wrong question. I don’t know what buffer size you’re using. What I was curious about was how does that 10% difference in CPU that you saw actually impact your ability to use Gig Performer? Is Gig Performer glitching?

Did they scan properly in GP. If you open the plugin manager window and elect to rescan failed plugins - do they show up? If they do - what happens when you try to insert one of them?

There is nothing more efficient about one or the other plugin format. They will typically perform exactly the same as far as CPU consumption is concerned so whatever measurements you made - there is something else going on.

Gig Performer works with 64 bit plugins only and any 32bit plugins will fail to load.

@djogon I’ve tried repeatedly to get SK Note plugins to load as AU and they won’t. The VSTs are fine but the AUs fail to initialise every time in GP. They work fine in Logic.

I still don’t know what this means. Do they fail to scan or show up in your available plugins menu?

Apologies. They show up in red at the bottom of the list and say that initialisation has failed.

An additional point that may be relevant. The SK Note plugins are the same file as the VST - they get you to rename them to .component as part of the clunky install - and they have a separate data (?) file in the same directory; it has the same name with a ‘d’ on the end and no extension.

This will not work. Renaming a VST to simple .component will not make it be an Audio Unit

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It might…if they have implemented the plugin by exposing two entry points, one needed by a VST and another that an AU needs, then they could be sharing code that way.

It does work, in fact - but not in GP.

I’ve never come across a plugin that makes you do this. I would actually be shocked if I got a message like this for a paid plugin!

Right… I wouldn’t be surprised that somehow you are running your DAW in a 32bit mode and it is somehow loading the 32bit version while the 64bit version simply does not work.

I any case - this is a really, really, really strange way to build or distribute a plugin. I wouldn’t use it myself, but if you really like it …

You could contact the plugin maker and point out that the 64bit AU version does not seem to work.

I agree it’s a weird and off-putting way to have to install a plugin (registration is even weirder…) - but they do sound great for my purposes at least.

I’m running Logic - I don’t think you can run that in 32 bit mode on Mojave, can you?

We have discovered the issue here - turns out their AU plugin is slightly misconfigured. We’ll probably add a workaround to deal with this in a future update. I’ve also reported the issue to them

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That would be awesome. Many thanks in advance!!