Is there a way to recover GPScript after crash?

Touching the transpose button in the top of the rack caused GP3 to crash.
I had just finished testing my script of over 100 lines of code.
Feel pretty stupid, that I didn’t save the rack first, but hey, that’s what happens when it happens.
Is there a way to recover the script? The rack itself I can easily rebuild.

Unfortunately… no way I think. Save it first next time :grimacing:

:scream: And I felt so clever having gotten it to work.
Well, let’s go for twice the fun.

Good luck! Nice to see one more GPScripter :wink:

Why? Was it a bug in scripting or something else?

I’ll try it again once I’ve rebuild it.
I used FabFilter Twin2 first and when everything worked satisfactorily, I switched to Waves Electric 88.
I read that some Waves plugins give issues, but not sure if it is related.

ohhh, oops…
Im sure you know this…

Thanks for the tip @keyman,
I didn’t (newby). I was already dropping copies of my scripts in Notes, just to have a library of code I’ve used before.
This will be easier.

Hi @dhj

It is reproducible. But only when I use the Waves plugin. The FabFilter one is stable.
The script works with both. I should just avoid touching the Transpose button on the top of the rack.

The Transpose button causes a bunch of midi messages to be sent to reset plugins to avoid stuck notes. I wonder if Waves can’t handle this?