Is it possible to build a Komplete 12 HDD using Native Access?

Some NI Komplete 12 boxed versions are delivered with a HDD which, I guess, drastically reduces the download/installation time. I just bought a NI upgrade to Komplete 12 Ultimate Collectors Edition which I would like to install on two different Windows PC that have only internal SSD.

Is there a way to download and build an equivalent to the boxed NI HDD, in order to download all the files only once ? (I am new to the NI world, but it seems that their installation software Native Access, directly installs what it downloads)

You can only download one by one.

Using Native Access? But can I download one by one to progressively build an install HDD like the one delivered by NI? Or download one by one and install immediately?

As far as I remember you can only click install which is a download and install in 1 process.

Ok thanks @pianopaul. So, it seems that I will have to download it each time I need to install it. No possible workaround :confused: