Invert Direction - Widgets


Hi Everyone,

I am a new user making most of the 14 day trial before purchasing (this will give me another month on my Credit Card bill too).
I have GP installed on my Macbook Pro and have created a Rackspace that controls my mixer and a couple of plug-ins, my question is:

Is the ‘Invert Direction’ feature dependant upon being compatible with the specific plug-in or is it totally independant and will therefore work with any plug-in?

The reason I ask is that after adding LED Buttons to my rack and associating them with the plug-in I cannot use the ‘Invert Direction’ feature to reverse the button which is assigned to ‘Bypass’ in the plug-in (I want the LED to be ‘Off’ when Bypass is selected and not ‘On’ as the default.). Selecting ‘Invert Direction’ has no effect on the button, what am I doing wrong?

I would like to add that I am well impressed with GP and am preferring it to Mainstage.


Hi, I do that in all rackspaces with no issue.


Did you Check recall on load in the widget properties?


Thanks for the quick responses. My bad, I was selecting ‘Invert Direction’ when I should have selected ‘Invert Value’. All working as expected now.
Sorry for wasting your time.


It’s never a waste of time, particularly when you figure it out and report back. Will help others who may run into the same issue.