Interesting "delay" issue with controllers

I have noticed that whenever I switch to another rackspace, I get a delayed response (like a 1/2 second) the first time I play the keys on either controller. After that, everything plays well within the expected latency I am used to for the remainder of time I spend on that rackspace.

It almost feels like each new rackspace needs to “wake up” by me hitting the keys. Then all is well.

Has anyone else experienced anything like this?


Is this a change? Clearly you’ve been using this stuff for a long time and you’ve never mentioned this before

Different laptop used for spare.

I have this issue. I was guessing it might be related to ram loading?

Can you reproduce this with the bundled keyboard templates in Gig Performer?

I will try later tonight and report back.

There used to be an issue with Kontakt and it’s internal convolution reverbs that caused first note delays when switching to racks that used the sampler with internal convolution reverbs. I replaced a lot of those convolution reverbs with either another external VST convolution reverb (Melda Productions MConvolutionMB) in GP or a non-convolution reverb inside Kontakt itself.

I do not know if that is still an issue with Kontakt, or if that is what’s causing your delayed first note. If you have the issue with racks that have Kontakt, may be something to check out.

@krucible - I don’t think it has anything to do with GP and/or Kontakt directly. Rather I think it may be a result of the motherboard/BIOS architecture of the HP laptop and how it handles USB with the audio interface and controllers. These plugins are the exact same ones used in my main laptop and I have no issues there at all.

I was curious if anyone else experienced similar issues and found it to be hardware related.

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