Insert Plugin Into Chain


Is there a simple way to insert a plugin into an existing chain without having to drag&drop all the cables? Like an insert in a DAW would work, where the plugin would just connect automatically to whatever comes before and after? Also an option to switch plugins around more easily to check out different orders? So far it seems you´d have to disconnect and reconnect each cable.


Not yet – an overhaul of the connection view is on our roadmap.

Note however that you can actually disconnect and reconnect two plugins from each other very quickly by simply dragging them together. See this movie


How cool. I didn’t know that. Gotta try it.


I like that! Thanks for the info.


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Cool, I didn’t know :+1:


something useful to know here is that the plugin block will return to where it was before you dragged it, when you release it. i’ve found it useful to position the block more or less where i want it to end up, before doing the shift-drag.


Just tested with the MIDI In plugin via shift drag to the Midi in of Absynth, is not working.
I would like to have the same function as shift drag for example Absynth to the Audio Out.


The feature only works for audio connections, not for MIDI