Include virtual instruments

Would it be possible that in the future update or upgrade, GP will include virtual instruments and effects natively like mainstage or ableton? I’m just thinking of creating patches in the future for a certain song and share it online. I’m sure it will be a magnet to many musician. They can buy out patches we sell like what other software and sell it online. Or we can create youtube tutorial on how to create a patch for a certain songs using included instruments and audience can easily follow it because we are just using same instruments and effects natively. Is it a great idea? Share your thoughts.

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I am quite sure that this is not the goal of Gig Performer - to compete with plugin manufacturers.

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In English (I hope so it is correct) “cobbler stay with yours”

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Well, not in that perspective. And I’m also sure that the goal of GP is to provide the best product for their customer. GP is good already but I believe there is more. This is really a good product. And having virtual instruments included will make musicians easier to migrate if their not happy anymore with their current rig. They can easily build their own patches. I have keyboardist friends and I tried to promote it to them, they love the software very much. One thing that makes them hesistant is that they will have to buy vst instruments. For me, it’s not a problem because I have vsts. But for other, it will be a problem. And if in the future, GP will consider and cater their needs, it will make the promotion easier and faster. I see community growing, in YT, FB. I am seeing it.

Ok, maybe a bundled product with some “bread and butter” (hope this wording is correct) plugins?

Ahmm yeah. Fortunately I have a lot of free plugins come from my purchase of my hardwares. And also I have already reason rack plugin. So it’s never a case for me… :))

I like the idea! Native/intern VST’s in GP may not even be necessary, if settings are made for people who eg. use V-collection, or Kontakt plugins, or Reason, like you mentioned, Reynauld.

I believe a good start has been made with the “Won’t get fooled again” settings video and the sidechain compression video made by dhj.

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All right, apparently several Europeans here!! That’s great!

While @pianopaul is correct that it makes no sense for us to try and compete with a voluminous number of amazing plugins, it’s actually quite feasible to leverage the chameleon plugin in Gig Performer to distribute prebuilt rackspaces (collections of wired up plugins with defined sounds).
The chameleon plugin is used as a “stand-in” for plugins that the user does not own or have installed. However, if/when they acquire the actual plugin and open the rackspace, it will just work properly.

So a sound designer could create a rackspace using their own installed plugins, create the desired sounds, and then distribute those rackspaces and as soon as a user gets the required plugins that rackspace will just work.

There are a great number of high quality free plugins out there that could be used by sound designers as well so consumers could easily use those rackspaces without having to spend any extra money.


I think step 1 for future features., Gp users need the metronome denominators to work, right now it only beats in 1/4’s even if switched to 1/8’s…,

Copying MS makes no sense as they’ve got it down for 39$, Gp has strengths and the developers are smart , so have to see what the imagination has in store.,