Importing two rackspaces into one

If I wanted to create an EP/CLav split, how can I import an EP rackspace and a Clav rackspace into one rack with two panels?

What do you need 2 panels for?

I think, he is looking for a way to combine two already existing rackspaces into one new rackspace where those two will work as a keysplit.

@schamass exactly. For instance, I have a rackspace with a synth bass/B3 split. The synth and B3 have their own panels. I’d like to to add several rackspaces with splits without having to create them from the ground up. So my hope is to use two rackspaces that already exist and combine them into one, each having its own panel.

I think that is not possible with the actual version.

Import a rackspace that has the mapping close to what you want, and then just “replace” the instrument(s), edit any mapping, then extract the rackspace to a new name.
This is less work than “ground up”, if that’s what you mean.

I ended up doing something close to this. I imported an EP rackspace and kept everything as is. Then I imported the Panel for my Clav rackspace. So I’ll just have to remap the controls to the widgets of the Clav panel.

I am looking for this because with my keyboard controller i can change racks with having many different savings.