Importing multiple rackspaces

I want to create a new setlist from exported rackspaces. I want to use Windows Explorer rather than importing one at a time using GPs file import. Apparently, Windows needs GP to run in administrator mode for this to work. I don’t know how to run GP in admin mode. Can someone put me straight please. TIA.

I am on mac, but I think in windows right click on the gig performer program icon, then you can set the option to run as administrator.

Oh yes, I found that ok and activated run as administrator. But drag and drop still didn’t work, and all I got was the circle with a slash through it. What is the secret to this then?

Side question: How are you coming to the conclusion that this would not work when running without administrative privileges?

Perhaps because of this:

This is addressed and solved here

It’s a permission issue. Open your windows explorer as administrator, and it should work.
I’ve been using Q-Dir, so I can have multiple folders open, and it works great.

“Open your windows explorer as administrator”

When I right click the folder containing the rackspaces to do this, there isn’t an administrator option for the folder.

Open your Windows directory and look for explorer.exe. You can then right clic on it to get the start as supervisor option.

Don’t forget to drop your dragged files over the GP rackspace area and not elsewhere.

I am quite suprised by this kind of behavior. You are supposed to start GP and any othe app with the same user privileges. So, I really don’t understand why you should have an issue. The only app I start with administrator privilege is the Wireshark network analyzer, because it has to open some stuff with administrator privilege.

Do you use gig file made by another user (e.g. you on another account)? :thinking:

I did this and thanks for the advice. I then opened GP in Admin mode, but still no dice. The files will not go in and are still displaying the circle with the slash.

No, they are all my own files.

So what else do I need to do?

I wish it was. I cannot get it to work.

Should all this trouble be necessary just to get a few files into a gigfile? I am not a computer expert and am disappointed that this will not work for me when every other part of Windows responds to drag and drop

Did you start Gig Performer in Administrator Mode and explorer.exe also?

Yes I did. Is this a Win 10 issue? Are the permissions mentioned the ones deep in the menu? Why so much trouble to do a simple drag and drop?

I think this is a Windows issue Gig Performer is not responsible for.

Are you dragging your files over the RACKSPACE area in GP?
Are you dragging in .rackspace files or .gig files ?

As a said before “another user” can be YOU working on gig files with two different computer/accounts.

Yes, and they are rackspace files.

Can you check who is the owner of the rackspace files you want to load and under wich account you are starting Gig Performer?

The only problem anyone ever had with this is permissions. Basically if you run GP with one account and your windows explorer or files are ran/owed by a different user - then there could be issues.
That’s why running GP as administrator and running the File Explorer as administrator should work.

I renamed the user and organisation. Then I took ownership of the folders. Then I ran GP as administrator, and then I ran Windows Explorer as administrator. I still cannot bulk load the rackspaces.

You might try exporting the rackspaces to a new folder, and then trying to drag from there instead.