Import cantabile songs?


I’m trying out gig performer, but i have to many songs to start over.
Since the cantabile songs are simple text files, is it possible to import them into GP to have something to start from, like plugins, zones, states,…


Sorry, this is not possible.
I was in the same situation when I was switching from mainstage to gig performer.
The most important thing was to save presets in the used plugins, as sound searching takes most time.
Then you should make rackspaces which can be used as starting point.
You can export single rackspaces and import again.
This way I think you need about 30 Minutes for building rackspaces needed for a song.
Scripting is a different thing :wink:

Feel free to ask if you need advise.

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Are gp files also text editable files?


GP Files are XML-Files, yes they are editable - but when you do that
do not think about to ask support !


So a conversion would be possible as c3 files are also xml i think


Technically it is easy to convert a text file to an xml-file.
But the concepts of Cantabile and Gig Performer are totally different.
When you take a look at the midi mappings, the concept of Widgets, the use of Rig Manager,
and not to forget scripting and the different options in Midi In and Midi Out Blocks.

I am a programmer too and I do not have any clue how it should be possible to convert
from Cantabile to Gig Performer.

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Thx, yeah i can imagine. Thx for the advice


I switched from Forte to Gig Performer. Best thing I ever did. But it took me six months to do 250 songs. Looking back, it was a daunting task to start with but really worth the effort. GP is so powerful and so easy to use. You can look at it as a way to improve what you already have. I made many changes to the GP versions of my songs/rack spaces all for the better. Start the journey - you won’t regret it😊


I switched from Forte to Gig Performer. I had lots of splits, single keys triggering samples, lots of sampler stuff (Kontakt and VSampler) and typical VSTi instruments and VST effects. Five keyboard controllers and breath controller and pedal controller.
I keep Forte and Gig Performer open at same time. And it goes pretty easy once I got going.

For each song:
1] In Forte I simply save each current VSTi preset as fxp file, then load that file into the VSTi in Gig Performer.
2] The splits are quick and easy to duplicate because Gig Performer has “Learn” for low/high note of the split.
3] For the samplers (Kontakt & VSampler), that is more work because in Forte you load all sample Libraries up front in multi-timbral fashion and then Forte switches to the specific Library(s) you want automatically as you switch songs. In Gig Performer, in each “rack” I load the whole master sampler “multi”, then delete Libraries not used in that song, then save as new nkm (Kontakt) or vs3 (VSampler) file.
4] Once I got used to the widgets paradigm, I like that approach, as well as “variations” concept.
5] My worst problem was that I had Sonitus DX format effects which do not work in Gig Performer. Took me forever to stumble across Melda effects bundle (mentioned on Gig Performer website somewhere) and that solved that problem. I have Auto Wah again now thank to Melda MBandPass. I purchased the bundle to access all features of all the effects - think it was less than $50