Import and merge panels/rackspaces


It would be cool to be able to merge rackspaces, or panels, into one rackspace (as asked about by @roadhousepiano here:
Then I could create rackspaces like presets, ready to import and combine to my liking, without even having to look at the plugins, and then save to a new rackspace/song.


I think this is difficult.
What should be done, when 2 rackspaces are using the same plugin but with incompatible
key ranges or midi channels or variations.
And this is only an example.


Yes, I see conflicts piling up also. But it’s a nice thought. :yum:


Although the rackspaces wouldn’t use the same plugin, only another instance of the same plugin. That could work?


I am a programmer also (Oracle based).
I would not have any clue how to merge such racksaces so that the result makes sense.
What I could imagine is to copy&paste a plugin or group of plugings between rackspaces when in the destination always this copied plugins are inserted as new instances.


My thoughts exactly. The “merge” would be an auto copy&paste of everything in the connections views into a double setup in one view.


This is on our lists but as noted, it’s not obvious how to do it “right”. Having said that, some other things on our list that we hope to implement sooner rather than later (I’m not allowed to actually promise anything :slight_smile: ) will make such a merge less needed.


Thinking of the ‘back end’ of a rackspace (connection view), it could be a partial solution of the problem if there was something like a ‘user definded block’ which could be exported and imported.
Like a collection of ready connected blocks (plugins, effects,…) that function together as a kind of ‘black box’, but without the connection to the ‘outer world’ (MIDI in, audio out,…).
For example a ready made chain of plugins and effects for an organ:
[Organ VST -> Overdrive effect -> Leslie sim VST -> Gain/Balance block]
It would be cool to be able to just import such a whole chain at once.
To think a step further it could really be ‘boxed’ as one module which has only the neccessary in/out connections (maybe a double click would open the module to edit its components).
I think this could be a way to really simplify the look and also the usage of complex rackspaces.
…just thinking and dreaming. :innocent::sunglasses: