IKM B-3X crashing on macOS Ventura 13.2.1

I haven’t used GP in awhile . I tried to fire it up today and it keeps asking for my license key. After I add the key, it starts the plugin scan and then crashes completely.

Anyone else experience this?

Please read this article: Temporary Startup Options

Disable “Scan for new plugins”. When Gig Performer opens, try to scan plugins in the Plugin Manager.

It will be also useful to attach the crash report.

Ok, it looks like IKM B-3X is what is causing the crash. And it is crashing Mainstage also. Thank you for the help!

Here is the crash report
gp-crash-report.txt (39.7 KB)

Thank god I don’t use Mainstage any more. I had so many issues, reformatted my new mac twice with legal MS, but it worked on my Hackintosh with an older ‘illegal’ copy of MS, as well as the new M1 MB.
Fortunatly a new version came out from IK that fixed it.

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