IK Multimedia VI group!

Hi everyone,
I bring you, for those who do not yet know, of the IK Multimedia initiative to establish the VI purchasing group.
A great deal to expand your sample library or new instruments.

Basically, you buy a product and you can get up to 6 more from the list of eligible SW, which have the same or lower price.

Personally I took the iRing Keys 2 Pro masterkeyboard (list value of Euro 149.99 + VAT) on Amazon by spending 124 Euro including VAT, and I got:

  1. Sample Tank 4 SE included with the purchase of iRing Keys 2 Pro (value of Euro 149.99 + VAT)
  2. Drum mode (value of Euro 149.99 + VAT)
  3. Miroslav Philharmonik 2 CE (value of Euro 149.99 + VAT)
  4. I still have to decide :slight_smile:

Most likely, by the end of the month, 3000 purchase registrations will be reached and another library will be able to be chosen.

Details in the link.

At first I thought of reselling the iRing Keys 2 Pro masterkeyboard, but instead I will keep it since there is also a DA converter inside, driven by ASIO driver, which allows me to be able to play with headphones or connected to a audio system without using an additional sound card. Nice comfort !!!

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