iConnectivity mioXL

I’m looking for a way to connect several hardware midi devices and usb controllers and am considering the iConnectivity mioXL.

If you have one of these devices, I’d love to hear your reviews, pointers, and recommendations to or not to purchase.

If you have any other devices that you would recommend, I’d love to hear your suggestions.

I have 4 hardware synths, a drum machine, 2 keyboard controllers and a Nektar Pacer pedal. And of course, I want expandability in case I acquire any more equipment.

I have mioXL and it is working fine
I have a network switch and connect my Mac via Ethernet to the switch and MioXL is connected to the switch.
I am using fixed IP-Addresses on Mac and MioXL

2 Fractal (for the guitarists) are connected via a normal 5 Pin MIDI cable to the MioXL
and Voice Live Rack via a short MIDI cable.
3 network sessions on my Mac are used in Logic to send Midi Messages to the 2 fractal devices and the voice live rack.

For future gigs we get rid of the voice live rack and use a 2nd Mac with gig performer to provide an effect channel for the lead voice.
The rackspace switches then also will be controlled by Logic sending out PC messages via network sessions.
Because the use of Ethernet the devices connect via Ethernet can be located until 70m away from the switch without issues.
With USB this is not possible without additional hardware.

We use 10m MIDI cables and absolute no issue.

I am very happy with that, absolute reliable.

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Would you mind sharing how you created a fixed IP address? I have been using the MioXL connected by an ethernet cabe to my computer for over a year. At my last gig it did not work. My MacStudio did not recognize the MioXL. I had to scramble to a usb connection between the MioXL and computer, and replace my midi in blocks, as well as reroute everything using 5 dim midi cables. I have been connecting my midi controllers with usb cables, which is perfect; it powers the midi controller as well as sending midi data. I’m not sure what happened, but I don’t want it to happen again. At the moment I am planning on using a USB connection going forward. But I would love to know what went wrong.