I need to lock in program change numbers

My GP songs are keyed to my iPad. I have over 300 songs in my solo guitar act, and at times, I need to make up a special set list for a one - off occasion. When I drag and drop the rackspaces (songs) into the new setlist, all the program numbers change in order of the importation. This then means that all the songs in the iPad which sends the program changes won’t work. The iPad PCs
remain fixed, but GP insists on changing new imports. Is it possible to have an option whereby PCs in Gig Performer can be locked so they will not change?

Hi, locking PC numbers when creating songs will not work when you use the same Rackspace in 2 different song parts.
Which song part should be selected when the PC comes in?

So the only solution is you give the PC numbers like shown in the screenshot.

I don’t use the set list function in GP. That allows me to add a song title on the front panel. I guess I wouldn’t be able to do that using the set list function.

This most likely means that your setlist is actually created/driven by your iPad. In that case - do not use the setlist feature in GP - simply stay on “all songs” and use the edit menu to “hard assign” PC messages to each song (first song par of each song actually).
If your iPad is switching songs in your GP there’s no benefit of you having a new setlist in your GP.

Sorry, but I’m not sure what “hard assign” means. Is this a way to lock the pc message to the rackspace so that I won’t endlessly have to re write the pc message each time I make up a new special occasion set list?

I think he means that you’ll have to select each song in the setlist view, associate it with the rackspace you want, and then ‘hard-code’ the PC number to the song.

From what I understand, you’re not looking to use setlist view though. At current, rackspaces don’t export with their PC numbers attached.

I am actually quite confused now with seemingly contrasting statements.

This is what I need. Can it be made an option?

What does your rackspace view look like? Do you have 1 rackspace for every song? Can you post a picture of your main gig file?

@bigalminal, as far as I remember the way you work, you don’t use the GP setlist feature. What you call a set list is a collection of GP rackspaces (again, if I remember well the way you work). In fact, the setlists you use are organized from your iPad and at the GP side you have one rackspace per song, each with a specific PC number. This PC number is used like a database key index to retrieve the right rackspace at the time you choose a song in your iPad setlist.

So, as far as I understand what you want to do, for any reason, you want to compose a new gigfile from a set of rackspaces (and not a GP setlist) chosen from one or several different other gigfiles. As a gigfile is not really a database of rackspace, you are maintaining yourself the coherence and unicity of the PC number you use to index your rackspaces. Then, when merging your selection of rackspaces in a new gigfile, you would like to keep the PC originally associated to the rackspaces.

Am I right? Or could you please correct me and make things clear to everybody?

Regarding the drag and drop operation you are doing, I suppose that at the time you merge the rackspaces into a new gigfile, all the rackspaces are already exported into a directory ?

Keeping the original PC of a rackspace make sense for the way you use GP, but as GP is not a database, it won’t be easy to merge rackspaces with PC number being potentially identical ( there is no guaranty, that you, or any other user, maintained the unicity of the used PC properly across the rackspaces coming from different gigfiles :grimacing:)

Yes, absolutely correct and very well put. My iPad is the set list and the pcs it contains remain fixed and unchanging. It’s quite easy making up a new iPad setlist because of that reason as the app I use (OnSong) remembers all its midi to be sent accurately. I just thought (naively perhaps) that GP could have a tick box saying “Preserve program change on export” in the global settings menu.

I have 19 gig files with 19 songs (one rackspace per song). I have found that 19 songs gives me one hour playing. Each gigfile of 19 is a random mix of fast and slow songs intended for a sit down listening audience in a rest home. What I’m wanting to do is make up a couple of new gig files containing faster songs that people can dance to. It would make it so much easier if each exported rackspace/song maintained its own pc.

As I understand it is more a feature request than a general discussion. So, I changed the category to “Feature request”. You are allowed to request things :wink:

Thank you. Let’s hope it can be implemented without a major amount of work. Then it’s likely to be done.

On your iPad, how are the songs numbered? You said you have over 300 songs, so what PC number does song 287 use, for example?

Good question. I started with GP at Easter last year (just after Forte fell over), and by mid year I had about 150 songs. They were all in one big rack file and the pcs numbered 1 to 150 as sent from my iPad which featured a 150 total song set. Sometimes GP stuttered when loading which usually took 2 to 3 minutes, and if GP hung completely as it does now and then, then 2 to 3 minutes loading is just too long with an audience sitting there waiting. So I broke the whole lot up into smaller sets of 19 songs into random, non alphabetical sets usually loading in less than 20 seconds, a much more acceptable time span. I noticed that GP was changing its PCs on import. So all my 19 sets of 19 songs are in random order with GP imports all having PCs as set by me to match what my iPads sends. So, when I want to make up a brand new set using GP imports, and because GP doesn’t export its PCs, I have to go through each gig file and edit every rackspace to change its pc making it the same as the pcs sent by my iPad.

I’ve just had a look at my guitar based gig file and it’s way over 300. In fact, it’s now up to 422 songs/rack spaces. Because I work in sets mostly, I didn’t realise that I had such a large number in the guitar gig file. All the more reason to request a way to lock in program change numbers.

This would be a great feature to add in. I would like to run gp this way with pc messages.

How exactly should this work? Consider that program changes only go from 0 to 127. Are you using bank select as well?

That‘s probably the only way to go for this…