I have now a startup problem, need some advice please

Ok, a serious problem is occouring here, (since i´m on MacOS i thought i post it in this subforum )
( i´m on High Sierra, macmini 2012, 8GB, i7-2.66 )

Problem: GP is crashing at startup ! it crashes at any try to start it

edit while i write:
i found an old thread and this post from djogon:
quote: You can try to hold down the SHIFT key to prevent the last gig from being loaded in case there is something in your last gig that is problematic. /quote

this just has worked out ! i could start GP again ! GREAT
but i would like to get thru it:

Edit2: please see my next post also

What has changed in my setup ?
i was running GP yesterday night, and was installing the melda superlooper VST,
i then bought it and licensed it.
It “could be” that GP was allways on during that task, not shure.
I definitly had a patch in GP going that was using this Melda Looper,
and i shut down GP with that patch beeing on.

now 12-16hrs later ( i tryed to start GP several times the last 4hrs ) was GP no longer starting up,
it crashed every single time i tryed to start it the last hours.
It crashes with the dialog on: “scanning for plugins”
( i had then mostoften firefox closed and anyway no other applications open )

whats my options to do ?
now, should i just take the medla looper out of all VST/AU Folders ?
can i later shuffle those files just back in ?
( I didn´t wanted to try out anything bevore asking )
or phrased out differently:
should i better completly delete and reinstall the melda looper ?

ok, i shoudl have donne this bevore, sorry :wink:

i loaded now my latest “patch” which was available in several iterations.
the last one was several times not loading, and causing GP to crash again.

i loaded previous iterations, and they all incorporated the melda looper.
but i forget that i had the Zynaptic adaptiverb also in the patch.
my guess is that this one is causing the problem.
finally i just could load now alos the my latest iteration of the patch, that was causing GP to crash.

now my question:
what is best to do in such a situation ?
( i´m really overly late and need now to go to bed,
but i might look later today again into those patches )
( it would be not so wild to lose that patch, finally ;),
bit since GP has impact on my work and will take a major role i guess,
and since i see that you have here a very great community around GP,
would i like to understand the situation, in regrads to how to handle such ?)
much thanks fro caring !

feels like a Great Place, what i saw from diving thru several of the threads here

If you can generate a crash specifically with that plugin, can you please contact the developers of that plugin and report it to them?

i can´t say which specific plugin it was !
other iterations of the same patch have also the two to me suspicious plugins incorporated iirc.

fact is, it was my first patch with GP incorporating the adaptiverb, and same for the melda looper

Adaptiverd adds a huge amount of CPU load to the patch.
Who knows, it might have just been this ? maybe a patch can suckup more CPU power while starting up …??

i come back here if i have something to report,
respecivly can contact the developers if i´m specificly shure of what causes a crash. Yes